Did you get wagyu JB? Wagyu JB Mitt (1) - For First

Wagyu JB is not just a grab! First Mitt appeared!

Wagyu JB has a glove as well as a mitt. Wagyu JB's first mitt, like other grabs, is characterized by a soft, hand-friendly feel from the time you buy it. Let me introduce you immediately!

Wagyu JB Mitt: JB-003~ First Mitt

♦Application: For hard

●Material: Miyazaki Wagyu Leather

♦Body color: Black/Power Orange

♦Mouton Color: Black

♦Mark color

[Body Color: Black] Gold x Red

[Body Color: Power Orange] Gold x Black

♦Core Toji Double Yokotoji

For right throw/left throw

With grab bag

Made in Japan

<特徴> Orthodox type for first baseman. With a slightly deeper pocket design,It also responds to sending pitches from fielders and strong pitches. It is a model that emphasizes operability.

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