Wagyu JB|Wagyu JB brand new product appeared! ① - Infielder for grabs

type of increase, more to their fit with the brand, is the easier to find it.

"Wagyu JB"brand new product appeared! 2 times available. We introduce to you is,"infielder for grabs"in.
Basically"Wagyu JB"infielder for the club, the infield each position for each design and size of their hands and the defensive set, such as based on position and themselves.
We launched new products, especially the infield of all-round can be used as a versatile grab.
So, immediately I will introduce!

JB-006S~infielder for the

type JB-004S and the same, but one size larger size.
JB-004S and JB-005 of the mid size.
Lightweight infield of all-round and access to the model.
The operability is also excellent. Thumbs up to the beef JB label it.

<Product details>
■size: 11.2 inch * size are approximate.
■Body color: orange/power Orange/Black
■The Color: Black
■Labels color
table leather: orange gold×black
table leather: power orange gold×black
table leather:black silver×gold

Wagyu JB orange label for beef JB power orange label for beef JB Black Label for the
■core business:double square version
■modus operandi race: Counter-wound
■right-throw for
■grab bag with
■Made in Japan

⇒"Wagyu JB grab:JB006-S"of detailed information from!
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