[Limited] Wagyu JB Bat-S series is on sale !!

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This is a notice of limited edition sales to everyone.


From today, we have started selling "Wagyu JB Bat -S Series-" in a limited quantity!


Wagyu JB Bat -S Series-is selected as one of the strategies for the best game here. It is a bat with the concept.


As a feature, it is designed to be 1 to 2 cm shorter than the average bat length so that the strength of swinging when swinging and the height of operability can be increased by one rank.


Regarding concerns about "power loss" when shortening the bat, we have carefully selected the shape, material, balance, and weight of the bat so that the numerical value (MOI) that indicates the durability of the bat can be maintained to the maximum. We have created an ideal body that can be said to be artistic.


Wagyu JB bat is a powerful bat with high operability.


It is also recommended for those who find it difficult to handle wooden bats and for junior and senior high school students who are thinking about preparing wooden bats now.


As this is a limited edition item and the number is limited, we recommend that you purchase it as soon as possible if you are considering purchasing it.


Click here to purchase Wagyu JB Bat -S Series-

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