A topic becomes heated in the public! ? With the Japanese beef JB recommended "water steam type charge account"

I create a new idea for the model charge account boom of these days! ?

I press a model charge account method "water steam type charge account" for exclusive use of Japanese beef JB!


It is always ボールパークドThank you for having you use ットコム!

This time of the gloveModel charge accountIt is the introduction that it is!

■In the first place must the model of the glove not be used to be oneself?

Generally, are there not many visitors that the experience that に fixes a glove round and round in a band and lays the hard glove which the model charge account of the glove was given by small dice father overnight, and touched a model is remembered?

Because the model of the glove is dated it, and it takes time, and the bad model that has been available is not readily restored once with time because it is leather products, judging from the that there are not knowledge and experience, it is said that a hurdle is considerably high.

The development, the spread of steam machines for exclusive use of such a process and the glove type charge account has advanced, and the visitor who is asked for a model charge account in a shop when he/she purchased a glove now tends to considerably in comparison with the past increase.

■Japanese beefJBModel charge account method birth most suitable for a glove!

Fortunately it is Japanese beefJBIt increased that the glove came to be recognized after a release start steadily by all of you, and a hot water fir tree model charge account and a steam type charge account were done by the hand of baseball outfitter and the visitor.

Because the interest in model charge account increases for the world, as for "the Japanese beef JB glove, does both steam match a hot water fir tree from a visitor?" I came to often have という question.

The leather of the Japanese beef JB glove fits all model charge account methods so good basically.


However, when I assume it us who produce Japanese beef JB glove"Good Miyazaki Japanese beef leather having DNA that a kind is rare and model charge account to be able to draw depth to the most high level"But, there is it! ? と thought,

After Japanese beef JB glove production start, I groped for a model charge account method in accord with a glove.

And having finished the trial and error at last repeatedly over and over again

"It is a water steam type charge account".

With the water steam type charge account according to the name,

It is a method to hang to the steam machine after I pickle a glove in water (water).

There was it by the simple method, but I calculated it to the world of comma how many seconds at time to pickle it in water and was particular about the temperature of the steam machine to the maximum.

And I succeeded in drawing depth of the Miyazaki Japanese beef leather to the maximum here!


■Four characteristics of the water steam type charge account


・A rice cake rice cake peculiar to Miyazaki Japanese beef leather and the touch and the tenacity that I did are not lost

・Because leather does not soften too much, I keep general leather tension

・I can leave the hardness of the core of the glove than a hot water fir tree type charge account

・A model runs out than a model charge account with merely steam well.


(an image:) I rub it and finish a duster in an ideal model repeatedly



■Why is it water X steam? ?

In addition, it is not hot waterWater and steamThe reason that put を together

The Miyazaki Japanese beef leatherBecause I include a lot of fat,I shut in fat on leather by tightening fiber with cold water, and this is because it lets a fat share be gradually familiar with fiber with a steam machine, and it can go.

As a result of having succeeded in finding water and affinity of the steam and an ultimate model charge account recipe from the experiment of several hundred times,

I was able to draw the rice cake rice cake which the Miyazaki Japanese beef leather featured and the touch and the tenacity that I did to the maximum.


■JB of everybody is water steam, too! !


The water steam type charge account is taken up in SNS and YouTube and becomes the topic in various quarters.


Because the inquiries in HP and SNS increase day by day, too

This time, please let you put a water steam type charge account for the visitor who had you purchase Japanese beef JB glove in our HP in free of charge in particular and send a glove! (※ option)


If purchase Japanese beef JB glove; at this opportunity by all meansWater steam type charge accountPlease try をお! !



I can purchase the Japanese beef JB glove from this!

The constant seller product is this 🥎 The order glove is this 🥎

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