The ball Park and is?

1 Baseball is a"tool"to use sport. And Your also aware,baseball tools, and personality people used to each size, color, shape is also different. Our ball Park is an individual player's physique and style of play that suits the tools of production involved,the player's technology will help improve the management philosophy and working. Technology will help improve the tools and the beginning of the position, as well as their aims and play style, and that style fits with your tools, to choose and think. Then, to figure out ways to use their hands with the addition of The"your tools"have been created Well I think. And,"your tool", the file type and to contribute to the team's victory with praise for the"tools and trust","tools to love" is the life one wishes to lead. Therefore, the top players called the players most tools have a strong attachment to, sometimes,most of their tools to others, to touch not the players that much. Baseball is to use the tool and the sport at their own creation, and attachment of The"your tools", but on the part of the body and exert force moment, is that baseball technology to improve the moment for us. The ball Park is a baseball technique and trying to improve on the customer,"your tools of creation"and make a movement. Ball Park dot com President Yamauchi 康信