Why use bamboo bats?

What is a bamboo bat ?

A composite bamboo bat made by laminating regular size bamboo boards to make square wood and shaving that wood into a bat shape.
The feature of the bat is that it is hard to break easily, and if you remove the core of the bat when hitting the ball, it vibrates and your hands go numb. Most high schools, colleges, and baseball clubs for adults use bamboo bats in practice, not to mention the high school players who participate regularly in the Koshien. Recently, the number of coaches are gradually incorporating into practice in junior high school teams.
In addition, bamboo bats are less likely to break than wooden bats, making them economical.

The basis of batting is to catch the ball in the "core"

The wooden bat that hit the ball leaves a clear mark of the ball. The marks are a clear indication of batting skill.
Looking at the bats used by professional baseball players, you can see that almost all balls are caught by the bat core. The core of a wooden bat is about 5 cm....A gap of just a few millimeters can be the difference between a hit and an out.

To hit the ball hard

In order to hit the ball strong, it is important to use a wrist to swing the head at a fast speed.
We often see professional baseball players hitting with a little finger on the end of the grip, but this is also the result of trial and error in order to quickly return the head. A wooden bat feels heavier than a metal bat for the same weight and length.
The metal bat has a very well-balanced design, and it is said that it feels about 50 grams lighter than a wooden bat even for the same weight and length, and it has a wider sweet spot and flies better.
You can hit it without using your wrist... which is both an advantage and disadvantage of a metal bat.

The earlier the effect, the better!

Children are very adaptable and will quickly learn what they have experienced and repeated.
Also, once the body learns it, the body immediately remembers it even if there is a blank for a while.
Like good habits, bad habits are hard to break. People who are used to swinging metal bats take a very long time to get out of that habit. A high school student with a hard-hitting who joined the pro with sounding things may not be able to succeed as expected, one of the reasons is that they cannot get out of the way of hitting with a metal bat.
So we recommend that you start practicing with bamboo bats right now.

The bamboo bat (* wooden bat) looks like this!

  1. Even a bat with the same weight as a metal bat feels slightly heavier because of the center of gravity of the head.
    (*Because the head is heavy)
  2. The moment of impact feels longer than the metal.
    (* At the moment of impact, there is a feeling that the ball is on the bat. The characteristic of a wooden bat = a bamboo bat is the so-called "ride" and "push" feeling.)
  3. Since the head is heavy, it is difficult to swing it out unless the ball is caught by the bat core.
    (*The ball does not fly unless it hits the core)
  4. It requires skill to swing from the moment of impact.
    (* At the moment of impact, the bat feels like it bounce, so it is necessary to consciously swing the head forward after the impact. With a reasonable swing, the weight of the head makes the ball fly further and harder because of the weight of the bat = the weight of the head.)
  5. The meet point of the bat is more heady than the metal bat.
    (*Structural characteristics of wooden bat)
  6. Even in toss batting, you can see if the ball is being caught or missed by the core of the bat.
    (*Understand by vibration)
  7. If it is a speedball, strong vibrations will come to your hands if it gets stuck or hits the tip.
    (* Hands go numb)
  8. It has excellent sound deadening properties and allowing you to practice day and night.

Bamboo bat trivia

Bamboo bat/wooden bat trivia

◎Matsui ○Ki brought in the “bamboo bat” that he used when joining the Giants.

◎ Shigeru Nagashima started playing baseball from the 4th grade of elementary school, and had been using the “bamboo bat” from the beginning.

◎The Koshien regular school mostly adopts batting practice with “bamboo bat”.

◎ The use of bamboo bats in youth baseball, junior high school baseball, high school baseball, college baseball, and adult baseball is permitted by the official baseball rules.

◎ Even if the weight of the bat is exactly the same, the wooden bat feels slightly heavier than the metal bat when gripping the grip.

◎ Only wooden bats are allowed to be used in world competitions such as universities, hardball adult league, professional baseball, and the Olympics, except for some.

◎Bamboo bats are also consumable product that may be broken depending on how they are struck, and their lifespan will change depending on the storage method.

Can bamboo bats be used in games?

The use of bamboo bats in youth baseball (hard/soft), junior high school baseball, high school baseball, college baseball, and adult baseball is permitted by the official baseball rules. JSBB = In the official game of the All Japan Softball Baseball Federation, metal bats cannot be used without the JSBB official seal, but bamboo bats (wooden bats) can be used without the JSBB mark.

What kind of bat is a bamboo bat?

A composite bamboo bat made by laminating regular size bamboo boards to make square wood and shaving that wood into a bat shape. The feature of the bat is that it is hard to break easily, and if you remove the core of the bat when hitting the ball, it vibrates and your hands go numb. This bat is categorized as a "wooden bat" that has been used for a long time as a hitting practice bat, mainly by high school students.

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