JB affiliate

It is a person who introduces products on their own sites, blogs, SNS, etc., and gets the result reward paid when the product is sold from it. Those who open a blog or have HP can participate immediately.
In addition, it supports Instagram Facebook and Twitter.

① Register affiliate
② Introducing products on HP, etc.
③ Site visitors purchase products via links
④ Product shipping
⑤ Payment of performance rewards

If your orderer is canceled or refused to receive it, the reward will be invalidated.

10 % of the affiliate reward product price (not included)
Payment method bank transfer
After the performance approval reference standard product is shipped
All target products

① New registration is performed from the following URL. (E -mail address and password setting only)
② After registration, check the reply email and complete the settings. (Published media, reward receipt account, etc.)

* Registration is completed in about 5 minutes. (There is no examination, etc. for registering)

① No registration fee (annual membership fee, etc.) No cost is required.
② OK only for the products you like
③ It is also possible to provide materials (photos).



Q1. Will it be expensive for registration fees?

There is no monthly fee, annual fee, etc. Only the communication cost will be borne by the customer.

Q2. Please tell me the timing of the approval of the conversion.

Approval work is performed after the product is shipped. For products such as ordered items, the approval work will be approved about 1-2 months later.
(In principle, it will be approved after the customer receives the luggage)

Q3. Please tell me how to delete the registration.

Please perform "My Page" → "Settings" → "Delete Account".

Q4. Can I use the photos listed on HP?

You can use the photos on our website.

Q5. Please tell me in detail about the payment of the reward.

When the total amount of the reward reaches the "application amount", affiliate users can apply for reward. In addition, we set the application amount from 3,000 yen. In addition, the application amount will be transferred to the "reward receipt account" by the end of the month following the month when the payment is applied.

Q6. Can I check the conversion and number of clicks?

You can check from the "report" of My Page.

Q7. I'm worried about the operation, but is it okay for beginners?

Please check the following manual before registration. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Q8. Is it possible to order a test before starting?

Is possible. Please be sure to contact us in advance when making a test order.

Prohibited matters and requests

1. We will prohibit the creation of a site page that mistakes visitor as the official website of the ball park dot com.
2. It is strictly prohibited to resell our products purchased after obtaining performance rewards.
3. If there is a suspicious mass purchase for resale and purchase purposes, it may not be eligible for rewards.
4. Discounted products such as outlet products are not eligible for affiliate rewards.
5. The contents described on this page may be interrupted, discontinued, or changed without notice. Please note.


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