About pattern order grab

Order start on December 1st !!

What is a pattern order grab in a real grab image patternIt is a service where you can enjoy a grab order by selecting your favorite grab color scheme pattern.

Before orderingUnderstand the real image of leather color and glossiness in advanceI can.

The grab images introduced will be regularly increased, and in the future we will be able to order a glove with the image you chose from many options in the future.

After receiving your order, a craftsman will make your grab from scratch at Wagyu JB Grab House (our own factory).

[About normal order grab page]

■ Specify various options such as enclosure and size adjustment
■ Specification of coloring and parts other than color scheme patterns

If you wish to customize for each item as described above, please note that it will be supported on the "Normal Order Grab Page".

Easy ordering method!

1, Glab's dominant hand

2,Your favorite grab color scheme

3, Select molding processing

If you decide the above 3 points, your order will be completed.

Wagyu JB pattern order grabs will be available on this online store from December 1, 2021.

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There is no difference in manufacturing quality from normal order grab.

We will order "Zubari" from the color scheme specified in advance, so we plan to guide you at a price that is easy to purchase from regular order grabs.

* Please note that customers who are considering the following will be ordered from the normal order grab site.

■ Specifying various options such as plus and size adjustment

■ Specify coloring and parts other than the color scheme

■ About grab order with customization separately

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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