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Wagyu beef JB Grab | Japan's best DNA

Commitment to Kuroge Wagyu | Wagyu JB Grab

Currently, the raw material "leather" of baseball grab mitts is Steerhide and Kip. These are mainly made of cows from the United States and European as the raw skin (= raw ingredients). The leather stiffness is suitable for grabs, and it is easy to get.

However, Wagyu JB carefully selects only the skin of Japanese black beef that inherits the ancient DNA of Japan. We were particular about making the best grabs that made use of the characteristics of the skin.
The Japanese black beef from Miyazaki Prefecture has won the Prime Minister's Award for the first time in the National Wagyu Beef Acupuncture Association for the first time.

Japan's best tanned leather | Wagyu JB Grab

We are also particular about the process of making the raw material "skin" into "leather".
Because black beef is generally edible, it is characterized by a lot of fat, as it is said to be marbling. In order to maintain the intensity and durability in the tanned process and maintain strength and durability, it is necessary to have a tanner technology that performs it.

Wagyu JB is a lightweight, soft, sticky feeling, but uses supple leather without shapical. The characteristics of Japanese black beef and the skills of the tanner are poured.

"MADE IN JAPAN", which is handled by a very high technology, has been evaluated worldwide. Similarly, the technology of baseball grab mitts is handed down from Japan to the world, producing and selling. However, when you look into the country, the reality is that production has shifted to overseas (Asia, etc.) and domestic production has shrunk significantly to reduce production costs.

Wagyu JB's Grab Mitt is carefully created by a grab craftsman who has created the top Japanese players. Therefore, it has been highly evaluated by many players, including major leaguers.