What is Wagyu JB Grab?


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While imagining the glove finish with the popular order simulation
Order production is possible.
Popular options "ring finger rings" and "edge web", various embroidery and engraving.
The combination that you can choose is the largest in Japan. Would you like to make your own special grab?



[Classic grab]

The features of Wagyu JB Grabs made using only carefully selected Japanese cowhide are "lightweight", "do not shift", "supple stickiness".
The Wagyu JB series is a total of 18 models, from adults to JR. You can choose the very popular "Waters Team mold" for free!
Be sure to find a glove that suits you! !

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"One in the world. One in the world."
This is a JB brand dedicated page filled with brand concept.
You can check the commitment of the JB brand once before shopping.
The concept movie is now available. Please have a look.