Voice of the baseball souvenir visitor

Hello, it is ベニコ

The camping entered the lapel, too.

Is it about time when I reached a lapel in our souvenir season?

A baseball team, protectors reaching 卒団, graduation!

Did the souvenir arrange it?

I have all of many teams and schools order it this year.

It is the souvenir shipment golden age that I let you look good on March 1 now.

Please talk about the one that you have not yet arranged.

I finish it as hard as possible and send it.

Meanwhile, the voice of the visitor of the souvenir of here these days introduces it several points because I arrive.

Please refer to the one examining.


5 centimeters of mini-bat both sides carved seals
There was not the confirmation of the layout, but is moved with a splendid product (workmanship).
A face to be pleased with of 卒団生 to receive really occurs.
I really thank for "ball park .COM" さんに heartily when it was good to order it.
I may order it, but will thanks in advance for your help in future.

実打可能刻印 order bat
The image どうりに finish is very satisfactory.
Thank you.

[souvenir] 85 centimeters of regular bats are natural
I appreciate that I am satisfied with the finish for kind correspondence very much.
I display it at once.
When there was the feeling that wanted to have in commemoration of some birth in couples, and saw the bat of your company in a net; "is this"! I ordered と thought.
The message from a couple can carve a seal, too, and we are satisfied, too.
I think with ... if a child will show interest in baseball in the future if I tell me and can give splendor of the baseball that thought of joy and parents at the time of the birth and I learned while watching this bat.
In addition, I would like the making of the souvenir of your company if there is an opportunity.
This time thank you for a very splendid product.

When the voice of the visitor arrives, I will have power suddenly! Apology apology

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