Baseball memorabilia and gifts | The original wooden clock ~ the clock appeared!

Original hanging clock. How about a kiki clock?

Ball Park Dotcom produces a variety of baseball memorabilia. Among the many baseball memorabilia, the "Kitaki clock" introduced this time is popular as a gift to celebrates such as the "Marriage Celebration" and "Reducation Celebration".

You can also imprint your name or message under the letterboard. Example 1. A clock. Example 2. Three clocks. The back. Two clocks. <Details>

• A Roman numeral literate with a bat illustration.
· magnitude: about 40cm longitudinal, 25cm transverse, 2.5cm thick
• Weighing about 2 kg.
★There are cases where size, weight, shape are somewhat different depending on the situation.
★Imagine the top and bottom of the letterboard (the number of characters can be as many as 50 characters)


Featuring a calm shade and heavy wood eyes, it has a unique tide and warmth, and it has a sense of stability that is not thick.

More information about the "Kitaki clock" should be accessed from the URL below.

The original clock.

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