Baseball/Ground Maintenance Goods | The Ground Revives! Black soil mixed soil for ground pavement!

Black ground mixed soil is recommended for ground paving materials!

This year is just before the new year. Why don't you replace the "soil" that is the key to ground maintenance? The ground pavement material sold by is a mixture of two types of sand with an optimized particle size mixed with viscous black soil from Kagoshima, a sports field such as a professional baseball field, school ground, or soccer field. It is a pavement material for grounds with excellent functionality that supports the condition of.

When practicing on a ground prepared with this soil, the difference from the ground paved with soil other than this soil is obvious.

・Drains quickly

・Comfortable cushioning

・Ideal sliding

・Natural ball bound

・Absorbs light reflection


Black soil mixed soil ②

Black soil mixed soil ①

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