Ground maintenance supplies|support ground conditioning! Black soil mixed soil

The soil indispensable for conditioning sports fields!

It is "earth" to support the conditioning of the football field and school grounds as well as the baseball field.

But if you are a soil, you will not be good at anything.

The soil suitable for sports fields is soil with good water splashing and cushioning properties.

The "black soil mixed soil" sold by Ball Park Dotcom is soil mixed with two types of sand with grain size adjusted to the viscous black soil produced by Kagoshima in optimal proportions, with the following features:

  1. be well-fed
  2. be highly cushionable
  3. sliding ideal
  4. natural ballbound
  5. absorb light reflection

By putting quality soil in the ground firmly, you can finish the sports field into a comfortable condition that does not produce any extra kegas.

If you want to reincarnate the lean ground, use the 'black soil mixture soil'.

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