Baseball Graduation Group Commemorative Items - As a celebration and commemoration of graduation, graduation - Special Issue

Baseball memorabilia for celebrations such as graduation, graduate school, graduation!

Graduated from the boys' baseball team, the baseball club of junior high school and high school, and the graduation of the school. It is a baseball memorabilia to be pleased even if it presents it at the turning point which always visits somewhere someday. The second special issue of the celebration, I tried to collect such graduation celebration

I want to have it with everyone in the team all the time. 5cm &8cm Mini Bat>

It is difficult to carry it if it is a big memento. I want a souvenir that I can always wear easily. It is manufactured and sold in response to such a demand,5cm Mini BatAnd8cm Mini BatIs. There is a strap type and a key chain type, and the type that can be attached in a new smartphone has appeared! It's small, but i can also imprint it well! It is a mini-bat of the real intention made of the bat material which can be done on both sides.

★5cm Mini butt front side stamping example

Baseball Memorabilia, Mini-Bat, Ball

★5cm Mini-Bat Back Side StampIng Example

Baseball Memorabilia, Mini-Bat, Ball

★8cm Mini butt front side stamping example

Baseball Memorabilia, Mini Bat, Ball

★8cm Mini-Bat Back Side StampIng Example

Baseball Memorabilia, Mini Bat, Ball

★Mini bat for smartphone

Mini bat for smartphone 5cm baseball memorabilia, ball park dot com 

All the team As a gift to the important person! 38cm Mini Bat>

When there is 38cm, there is a presence even if it is said a mini bat! There are many people who make it to the graduation anniversary by all members of the team, put it in the vanity box, and give it to an important person.

★38cm Minibat Stamping Example

Baseball Memorabilia Mini-Bat 38cm, 

●Baseball memorabilia popular product, 45cm mini decabat The >

It's stocky and somehow cute. The presence is outstanding! 45cm mini decabat of popularity soaring. It is the perfect shape and size to decorate!

★45cm Mini Decabat StampIng Example

Baseball Memorabilia, Graduate Club Memorial, Ball

★45cm Mini Decabat Black Stamp Example (This is the anniversary of birth♡)

Baseball Memorabilia Mini-Bat 45cm,  

Other commemorative bats The >

★85cm Color Commemorative Bat

How about? The products listed here are only a few of the original products of There are still many kinds! And depending on your ideas, you can make only one of your own memorabilia in the world. It's also good to make the same things together and always wear them! As a memorial, it is also good to decorate carefully! It is also good to make it a gift to the person who took care of you! Why don't you take a look at the world of baseball memorabilia?

Check out the baseball memorabilia site of Ball The >


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