Training Bat|New release! Super thick grip training bamboo bat ①

Introducing the ultra-thick grip bamboo bat in order!

There are three types of "super-thick grip bats", so you can choose according to the physique of the player.
From this time, we will divide it into 3 times and introduce in detail in order! The first time, from the smallest type!

Ultra-thick grip bat: 67cm/800g

This size can be used by elementary school students. Please help us to strengthen the list.

If the grip is so thick, the wrist can't be returned easily, and the head cannot be easily returned. That is why they have the effect of strengthening them!
By controlling the functions of the palm and fingers during batting, it is possible to be aware of the effects of parts of the body that were functioning unconsciously until now.

・Color/Natural x Red
・Weight/800g average
・Grip shape/super thick grip
* For both hard type and soft type

-Tee batting with a real grip bat immediately after tea batting with a super thick grip bat.
・Free batting with a super-thick grip bat, then free batting with a real grip bat.

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