Baseball equipment, bats, limited bat resources, wooden bats to the next generation of players!

There's something we can do!

Once upon a time, speaking of Japanese bats, it was [Aodamo]. However, by continuing to cut down for the wooden bat production, aodamo as a bat material decreased sharply. There is a thing that growth is slow, and it becomes a very high-class bat material now, and it is a state that cannot be obtained easily easily.

In 2000,"Npo Aodamo Resource Development Association"Was inaugurated. The activity is"By bringing together the enthusiasm of those who love baseball, we will build a forest of bats in the nature of Hokkaido, and nurture aodamo for the next century."That's what! As a baseball player, Ball agrees with this activity and engages in the Mini-Bat Eco Cycle activity.

The purpose is to manufacture and sell mini-bats (baseball memorabilia) with end materials that can be made when making wooden bats, and donate a portion of the proceeds to the "Society for The Society of Aodamo Resource Development", to cooperate with baseball development and natural conservation, and to leave bat materials to the next generation.

Mini Bat Eco Cycle (1)


Mini Bat Eco Cycle (2)

Mini bat completed in this way, such as the strap of the key chain and smartphone, we have many people use as a variety of baseball memorabilia.

Mini Bat Eco Cycle (3)

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