Boy Bat, Bamboo Bat|Characteristics and Storage Method of Bamboo Bat-Features

Do you know your bat? has been continuing the "Boy Bat Promotion Project for Boys" since its establishment, which recommends bamboo bats for boys. Thanks to you, many boys have started to work on bamboo bat training.

Bamboo bats are known to be cheaper and tougher than other wooden bats, but if improperly cared for and stored incorrectly, they can get damaged quickly and can break.

We will introduce the precautions for using the bamboo bat, such as the characteristics of the bamboo bat and the correct storage method.


Characteristics of bamboo bat

There are two types of wooden bats, "plank" and "grain". The pattern of annual rings looks like a radial pattern or a mushroom pattern. "Sameme" is what looks like parallel lines. When hitting a ball with a wooden bat, it is the correct way to hit it with the "grains" where the annual rings look like parallel lines. The reason for this is that the grained area is stronger than the grained area when the ball is repelled vigorously.

A mark is engraved or printed on the wooden bat. This is also a way to turn the mark toward your front when you hold the bat, so that you can point the "grained" part toward the ball.

Bamboo bats are made by sticking bamboo boards into square pieces and cutting them into bat shapes. Compared to Maple Tree and White Ash of Ipponki, both the grain and the grain are reinforced, but it is still a hit. If you use it in a bad place, it will break, so be sure to face the mark when you use a bamboo bat!

  1. Even with the same weight as a metal bat, it feels heavy because the head has a center of gravity.
  2. The moment of impact feels longer than metal.
  3. The center of gravity of the head makes it difficult to swing the head out unless the ball is caught by the bat core.
  4. Technology is required to swing from the moment of impact.
  5. The meat point of the bat is more like a head than the metal bat.
  6. Even toss batting, you can see if you are catching the ball with the core. (vibration)
  7. It has excellent sound deadening and can be practiced at night.
  8. It is cheaper than other wooden bats, so you can replace it to suit your physique and skills.

How was it? Next time, we will answer how to store bamboo bats and "Frequently Asked Questions" about bats!

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