Why Is Bamboo Bat Training Necessary for Boys' Baseball (4)

Training bats by purpose

The greatest effect of bamboo bat training is to be able to "catch the ball with the core of the bat". It can be said that it is training which takes the feature of the bamboo bat in reverse hand. (If it doesn't hit the core, it's numb and hurts at hand.)

Once you can catch the ball with the core of the bat, what do you do next?"Overcoming Shortcomings"Is. This time, i will play a training bat made by Ball Park.com.By PurposeI will introduce to. Find a training bat that will help you overcome your shortcomings against something you don't like in your batting.


For one-handed training, the short and light bamboo bat among the boys is categorized as a short bamboo bat.

★Purpose of one-handed training with short bamboo bat

I want to wear an ideal swing

I want to correct the way of hitting that i hook

I want to wear an inside out swing

I want to acquire the correct bat control (trajectory)

I want to improve the door swing

I want to master the flow and how to use the upper body

I want to learn the feeling of the pusher of pushing the ball.

I want to hit a strong ball in the opposite direction.

⇒For detailed one-handed training, please click here!

●Thick Grip Bat, Ultra-Thick Grip Bat

The "thick grip bat" which made the grip thicker than a usual bat, and the thicker "ultra-thick grip bat" are designed to be easy to control the bat because it grips firmly with the palm and the fingertip. At the moment of impact, the area where the bat and the grip are in contact is wider. In particular, it is suitable for training to grasp the sense of the pusher in the sense of the pusher in the sense of the feeling because it is able to feel the reactionary transmitted to the pusher throughout the palm. In addition, because the grip is thick, the movement of the wrist is suppressed, and it is a mechanism that the wrist cannot be returned easily only by the minion of the wrist and the fingertip.

★Purpose of thick and ultra-thick grip butt training

I want to grasp the sense of the pusher

I want to fix the habit of hitting hard

I want to grasp the timing of the return of the wrist

I want to fix the delay of the head

I want to improve bat control.

I want to correct the collapse of the form.

⇒ Detailed information on the thick grip bat from here

⇒ Detailed information on ultra-thick grip bat from here

<90cm Training Bamboo Bat

It was said that it was good to practice swinging a heavy bat to increase swing speed a long time ago, but sports medicine has demonstrated that waving a light bat instills the fastest sense of speed in the muscles. Ball Park.com's concept of "90cm training bamboo bat" is to further strengthen the speed by making the weight as light as possible while being long.

★90cm Training Bamboo Bat Purpose

Increase swing speed

Learn the sense that the sharpness and muscles of the body feel the speed

In fact, one of the shops selling this 90cm training bamboo bat is located in Toda City, Saitama Prefecture. "Rokuhachi Baseball Studio" The owner is Former Yakult Swallows, Yasuhiro Usami. We sell our training bamboo bats. According to Usami, this 90cm training bamboo bat is very popular. As long as I'm happy. And, it is said that "Shinya Miyamoto", a senior at Yakult, often visits the "Rokuhachi Baseball Studio", but Mr. Miyamoto praised this 90cm training bamboo bat directly. I'm impressed! The pattern at that time is published in Rokuhachi Baseball Studio FB.

The FB of Rokuhachi Baseball Studio is from here!

It is also uploaded to Miyamoto's official blog.

Shinya Miyamoto's official blog is here!

⇒90cm training bamboo bat information from here!

Next time, I will introduce the training method using the bamboo bat.

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