Wooden Bat-bamboo-Bat: Introducing all Juvenile bamboos! Size: 84cm/900g ~ Choose a bamboo bat that fits your physique!

This is the introduction of the Juvenile Bamboo Bat. It is a juvenile bamboo bat with a length of 84cm.This time it weighs 900g. In fact, the number of players who demand 900g of weight is higher than that of high school students.The only difference between the last 850g and the 50g I have introduced is the difference between the weight and the weight of the actual wave. Many players are getting close to adults, with muscle strength, and there are no less than 900g of weight. But even if the same class is using a heavy bat, it is important to choose the weight of the weight to fit the weight of the weight. Always choose a bat by consulting with your body and conditioning. Now, here's the butts I'm going to introduce to you.

Juvenile Takebat: Nagasa 84cm/weight 900g

84cm900g 84cm900g2 Feature. The material/bamboo/cherry red X cherry-red mark/silver length/84cm, weight/900g average grip form/real grip * I use a real grip without a sense of uncomfortable butt with a gold metal bat in a grip.Putting the bat with a sensation close to the metal bat. The eyes were also made from a turton collar, with an impact, a red one. Please refer to the website of for more information on this size of bamboo bat. http://www.japan-ballpark.com/products/detail541.html
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