Boy Baseball, Bamboo Bat | Make 'Body Axis' at the moment of impact!

balanced tea batting

It is balanced tea batting that the upper body is facing the correction of the batter with the habit of falling back or the upper body is pushed into the front verge.

It is effective in making the body axis of the moment of impact, and also helps to build the foundations of the lower body.

Training methods.

★swinging as well as tea batting

(Content) Repeat correction.

• Tea batting while trampling the ball with the heel of the front foot

(Remediation of batters whose upper body is rebounding)

• Because the front leg is unstable, the wall (= the door that does not open) is naturally on the knees of the front legs, and the front legs are not stuck when it impacts.

This is a thrust.

• Tea batting while trampling the ball with the heel of the back foot

(Tsutsukomi correction)

• I catch the ball with a sense of catching the ball inside the back leg knee.

(Enterotropic muscle reinforcement)

Therefore, the effectiveness of the balance sense and the foundation of the lower body is to swing the ball with the heel.

Stroll the ball with the heel, the toes are attached to the ground, which is in a state of unstableness as it has less contact with the ground.

By swinging and tee-batting in this condition, you can be conscious of the use of the legs, ankles, knees, and muscles (especially internal muscles) that are trampling on the ball, and you can learn balance sense and train the foundation of the lower body.

Please try it once.

The best information for 'bamboo bat' for batting practice is from Kochila!

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