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A bat that suits your batting style!

We are introducing the basic models of the JB Custom Order Bat in order. The basic order system is to select and manufacture a bat that suits you from the basic model of a custom order bat.

Like many professional players, more and more amateurs are fully ordering their bats. In particular, athletes who train daily to aim for the top have "stickiness" in the tools so that they can approach their ideal batting as much as possible.

There are so many athletes who want to use a "fitting" bat for their batting style, even if they do not have that "stickiness". Orders for custom bats, especially custom bats, are increasing year by year. It was.

If you can't find a bat that suits you among the commercially available bats, please try this easy-to-order "JB Custom Order Bat"!

Let me introduce you immediately. There are four models to introduce in the final episode!


[017 model: Part number BPM017 used]

It features a large flare grip close to a tie cup. On the other hand, the body is a rather thin design overall. Ultimately, the design is focused on bat control. Recommended for average hitters with outstanding bat control.

[018 model: Part number BPM018 used]

It features a head that feels the power and a body that is narrowed down from the head toward the grip. The grip is a slightly smaller flare type. Recommended for medium and long distance hitters with strong swinging power.

[019 model: Part number used BPM019]

It features a thick head that is thicker than a thin grip. Designed to feel the weight of the head. To use this head balance, you need swing and power that the bat head often produces. Recommended for power hitters with high precession force that hits with centrifugal force.

[020 model: Part number BPM020 used]

Despite being a slender, it features a supple super head balance. For advanced batters who have both power and speed. With a supple swing, it is suitable for batters who aim for long hits in a wide angle. Recommended for long-distance hitters with deep pockets.

How was it? We introduced all 20 models in order! I hope you find a model that suits you!

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