Juvenile Bamboo Bat | Let' s start in the spring! training using bamboo bats

Have you got a bamboo bat yet?

Ballpark dot-com has been consistently encouraged by the use of "bamboo bat" training since its foundation. In particular, if you start training for bamboo from juvenile training, your batting base will be solid, and your batting in your middle and high school butts will be easy.
"My child is small."
"I don't need it because I'm practicing in a metal bat."
"I can't find a bamboo bat that fits my body."
In that way, I would like to know the bamboo bat series of the Ball Park Dot Com.
And I want them to practice training using bamboo batts.

From now on, I will introduce you to the bamboos of the Ball Park Dot com, the purpose of the bamboo training, and the specific training method. If you don't have to use a bamboo bat, you still have to read it.

Ball Park Dot Com, Bamboo Bat

The juvenile take-bats of the ball park, com, have a 12-size different length and weight so that they can match the level of the player to be used as well as the level of the player.
training bubt 
From the top to the top, the length/weight is introduced.
1.67cm/450g Average
2.70cm/500g average
3.73cm/550g Average
4.76cm/600g Average
5.78cm/650g Average
6.80cm/700g Average
7.82cm/750g Average
8.83cm/800g Average
9.84cm/850g Average
10.84cm/900g Average
11.84cm/950g Average
12.84cm/1000g Average

How are you doing?If this is the only kind, it may be a bat that fits the level of one's own weight or level.
By the way, do you know the size of the bat that fits your physique? This is eye-catter-eye, but I think it will be helpful.Look at the following:

Did you know the size of the bat that fits you?
The next time, I will introduce you to the knowledge about the bamboo that you need to know about, such as how to store bamboo batts and the characteristics of bamboo bublets.

Refer to the order of the Juvenile Bamboo Bat, from Kochilla.
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