Bamboo Bat for Boys|Start in Spring! Training with a bamboo bat ③

Bat puller and pusher

The bat puller is the left hand for right batters and the right hand for left batters. The push hand is the opposite hand.
Each puller and pusher has a role. Briefly, the puller controls the bat and creates a closed batting foam. The pusher establishes the meat point and creates the sensation of pushing the ball.
You can often see professional athletes doing tea batting with one hand in images. By swinging the bat with one hand, mastering the movements of the upper body while being aware of the roles of the puller and the pusher, the correct batting form is acquired, aiming to improve batting.

One-handed training with a one-handed bat! recommends a "one-handed bat" for one-handed training.
・I want to wear an ideal swing
・I want to correct the hitting method
・I want to wear an inside-out swing
・Want to acquire correct bat control (orbit)
・I want to improve the door swing
・I want to master the flow of the upper body and how to use it
・I want to gain the feeling of a pusher pushing the ball in
・I want to hit a strong ball in the opposite direction
It is especially recommended for players with such a sense of purpose.

One-handed training is possible even if the lower body is injured!

If you can't take part in the practice due to a lower body injury, do one-handed striking and leaning. One-handed training is a training method that can be done while sitting on a chair. There is no time to be depressed because I was injured in the lower half of the body! Outstanding injury! Let's think so and work hard on partial training!

There are 5 types of bats for single-handed use. Train with a bat that suits you.
Training bamboo bat (for short length)
・67 cm/450 g
・70 cm/500 g
・73 cm/550 g
・76 cm/600 g
・78 cm/650 g

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