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Characteristics of Bamboo Bat from

If you want to learn the basics of batting through bamboo bat training, how to choose the bamboo bat itself is also an important point.

Not all bamboo bats are good. It is important to select a bat that suits your physique and purpose, such as your height and weight, your batting skill, and what kind of skill you want to acquire.

Even if you practice with a bamboo bat that does not fit your physique and purpose, you will not be able to acquire the correct skills and you may get injured if you return.

Here, we will introduce the characteristics of Bamboo Bat from and how to choose a bat size that suits your physique.


[Feature 1]

12 sizes are available for's bamboo bats for boys. Bamboo bat training efforts are said to be more effective when started as early as possible. Therefore, the size has been subdivided so that even children with small bodies can train with peace of mind.

[Feature 2]

Succeeded in reducing the weight by using the patented bamboo material. We were able to complete a bamboo bat that is both lightweight and durable.

Feature 3]

By adopting a slim grip like a metal bat (real grip), when you switch from a bamboo bat to a metal bat, you can bring the bamboo bat's grip feeling to batting without discomfort.

Real grip

With this slim grip, the head can be pulled out and returned smoothly even with a heavy bamboo bat, which can help strengthen the wrist.


Here's an easy way to choose a bat that fits your size.

① Put the grip of the bat on the center of your chest.

(2) The best size is the length of your bat that touches your fingertips when you reach out!

*There are individual differences, so please select as a guide only.

There is also a bamboo bat size chart made by I will also introduce this for reference.

Bamboo bats for boys are also effectively used as training bats in adult and college baseball. Rich in size and cheap. Moreover, the durable and long-lasting bamboo bat is an essential item for baseball boys!

If you haven't used it yet, please start bamboo bat training. Excellent effect!

next time,Bamboo bat training method by purposeI will introduce.

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