Baseball/ground maintenance|The arrival of the ground maintenance season ③

Nourishment of black soil in the ground!

In the off-season, what I want to do the most is ground maintenance. Above all, it is an important task to replenish black soil to the ground that is usually taken care of. Ground maintenance is a trivial task, but if this is not done properly, it could cause injury to athletes. There are many things to do to improve the ground, such as dragonflies and water sprinkles, but it's time to use the ground less often, so let's give black soil firmly.

Black soil mixed soil sold by is a mixture of viscous black soil from Kagoshima and two types of sand with an adjusted particle size in an optimal ratio. A pavement material for grounds that has excellent functionality to support conditions.

Actually, I receive a lot of orders at this time. It is a popular product♫

(Characteristic) ・Quick drainage ・Comfortable cushioning ・Ideal sliding ・Natural ball bounding ・Absorption of light reflection


Makeup sand sold by is "baked sand". Since the dried sand is further heat-treated, the drainage of the ground is improved and you can finish in good condition quickly.

*Most of the people purchase "black soil mixed soil" and "makeup soil" as a set.

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