Start bamboo butt training! Introduction of bamboo bats for training (4)

Even above the thickness! Ultra-thick grip bat appeared!

What i would like to introduce this time is"Ultra-thick grip training bat"Is. As the name suggests, the grip of the bat is thick anyway! Too thick!

The concept is the same as our previous product "Thick Grip Bat", but the grip and grip around the grip have become thicker, making training even more stronger.

The thickness of the grip part of a usual bat is made with the thickness suitable for shaking the bat strongly, but by using the bat of a thick grip part that "super" attaches to the thick grip bat, the palm at the time of batting and the function of the finger are controlled, and it is possible to be conscious of the action of a part of the body which was unconscious up to now.

By all means, i would like you to feel the difficulty of hitting with this "ultra-thick grip bat", "use the return of the wrist, run the head, hit a strong ball" i would like you to be more aware of.



Immediately after tee batting with ultra-thick grip bat, tee batting with real grip bat.

After free batting with ultra-thick grip bat, free batting with real grip bat.

 ⇒ Ultra-thick grip training bat details from here!

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