Let's start bamboo bat training! ~Introduction of bamboo bat for training ①

Bamboo bat training can be started anytime!

If you don't have a bamboo bat yet, if you don't know how to use it, and if you don't know how it works, then here are several training sessions at Ballpark.com. Please see the bamboo bat and the training method using it.

Continued training with bamboo bats will be effective in the coming months. Anyway, it's important to continue training. Bamboo bat training can be started anytime.

If you're stuck with improving your batting, or wondering how your batting skills should improve, don't hesitate to start training with a bamboo bat. Now let me introduce you. First of allShort batFrom!


Ballpark dot com short bamboo bat

There are 5 types of short bamboo bats in the ball park. Most of them are used for "one-handed training".

The length of each bat in the above photo is from above,

67 cm/450 g
70 cm/500 g
73 cm/550 g
76 cm/600 g
78 cm/650 g

It has become.


By training with a one-handed bat, you will become aware of the division of roles between puller and pusher. In this case, the puller is the "left hand" if it is right-handed, and the "right hand" if it is left-handed.

The pusher is the opposite. How to use "shoulders", "armpits", "arms", "elbows" and "wrists" of pullers and pushers, and vice versa. By carefully studying and practicing one-handed, we will mention batting techniques.

(Effect on puller)
・Improved bat control
・Learn the role of puller during wrist turn
・Make a batting form with the sides closed
・You can grasp the trick of swinging in conjunction with the lower body
・Improved door swing
・Acquisition of follow-through payment method

(Effect on pusher)
・Establishment of meat points
・Learn the role of pusher during wrist turn
・Get a sense of how to use the pusher at the moment of impact
・You can grasp the trick of swinging in conjunction with the lower body
・Improved door swing
・Learn how to use the elbow
・Acquisition of role of follower of pusher


With the bamboo bat, vibration is transmitted to the hand when the core is removed.It is very easy to understand and effective because you can train while experiencing the vibration.

Injured the lower body during practice! "Partial training" when you cannot move!

Can't participate in normal practice due to lower body injuries. In such a case, let's try such a one-handed training as if "an opportunity has arrived!"

We have incorporated it into the practice menu that uses a one-handed bat for players who have been injured in a strong team of adults. By swinging while sitting on a chair, you can check the trajectory of the bat and strengthen it without burdening the broken part.

It also helps to maintain a swing feeling!

If you do not practice in the correct form, it may have adverse effects, so please practice with the following points in mind.

・Check if the bat's head is lowered!
・For right-handed batters, check if the left shoulder is open!
・Check if your body is thrusting forward too much!


Also, hitting a ball with a lot of force puts a strain on your wrists and elbows and may cause new injuries, so practice with toss and tea batting.

The video shows how to practice using a short bat for one-handed striking. Please check the video for detailed practice methods.

⇒Click here for a video of how to practice using a one-handed bat!

⇒ Click here for more information on short bats!

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