Wooden bat and bamboo bat. Size: 80 cm / 700g - choose a bamboo butt to fit your body!

Boy's bamboo bat is introduced according to size every time. The boy's bamboo bat that I introduced to the last time was a size that can be used in the training as a short bat. Since the size of the bat size to be used in training such as a bite, and size, the size of the bat size is also improved, so please choose the size according to your own body and batting level. By the way, the boy bamboo bat to introduce this time is clap!

Boy's bamboo bat: 80 cm long / 700g weight

80 cm 700 g 80 cm 700 g Features Material / bamboo / bamboo / color / cherry red x black mark / silver length / 80 cm / weight / 700 g average balance / head balance grip / diameter 49 mm / real grip / grip 24 mm / head cut / normal For more information about this size bat, please check at ball park dot com's HP! Bamboo bat: 80 cm / 700 g http://www.japan-ballpark.com/products/detail26.html How to select bat size http://www.japan-ballpark.com/batselect.html
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