Introducing all wooden bats and bamboo bats for boys Size: 84cm/1000g - Choose a bamboo bat that fits your physique!

Ball's "Bamboo Bat Series for Boys". This is the last time. It is a bamboo bat for the boy which has 12 kinds in all, but it was a kind at first. The standard size of 84cm in length and weight of 850g was the longest and heaviest size for the boy's bamboo bat. But year after year, there are many people who say that this standard size is too light. Then, the weight was increased by 50g and three types were added, and the current 12 types were completed. Why is the standard weight 850g too light? The reason for it is that it came to think, "I want to swing the bat more strongly, and hit a strong ball" while using the bamboo bat in usual practice, and came to hope for a heavy bat naturally. Especially, the player who goes on to the high school famous for baseball likes a heavy bamboo bat. Moreover, the player who advanced to the member of society baseball and the university baseball also likes a heavy bat. The physique has grown that much, and the technology has gone up. But i'll say it over and over again,I don't recommend practicing with bamboo bats that don't fit your physique or meet your level.。 You should know yourself the best! Please choose the bat of the size that suits you without overdoing it! How to choose a bat size So, the bat to introduce in the final episode is here!

Bamboo bat for boys: length 84cm/weight 1000g

84cm1000g 84cm1000g(2) <特徴> Material / Bamboo / Color / Cherry Red X Cherry Red / Mark / Silver Length / 84cm , Weight / 900g Average / Grip Shape / Real Grip ※ Soft, Hard Combined Weight 1kg! It's pretty heavy. But there are quite a few players who can easily play the bat of this size! It looks black! It's a pretty cool bat to get! ⇒ For more information on bamboo bats of this size, please visit the website. Bamboo bat for boys: 84cm/1000g
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