Boy's bamboo bat! Bamboo butt training

Bamboo butt is completed in this way!

Bamboo butt is made of bamboo, but it does not become a bat just by cutting out the bamboo. As the maple and the white ash, bamboo is not so-called "Ichigo," so it is made up of a piece of bamboo with a thin, long cut bamboo board, and the shape of the bat is cut out from it. That is, a bamboo bat is a plywood bat.

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Made bamboo bats are sturdy and long lasting. It is a very economical wooden bat.

Next, I will explain the feature of bamboo bat.

Bamboo bats hurt your hands!

Batting basics is to hit the ball to the core of the bat. Even if a wooden bat or a metal bat is hit, the ball flies firmly.
The feature of a bamboo bat is that it is clear to the player than the other bat.

Bamboo bat rebounds against each other when the ball hits. As a result, if the ball does not hit the core of the bat, the repulsion is morally heard and it is very painful. In other words, it is painful if it hit the core of the bat, and it hurts very much.

If you don't want to get hurt, you have only to hit the ball.

The bamboo bat plays a "straightforward" role to hit the ball to the core of the bat. The batting practice with the bamboo butt keeps the meat rate steadily increasing!

Bamboo butt heavy!

Bamboo bats are made more heavy than metal bats? No. The wooden butt including bamboo butt has the center of gravity on the head. Therefore, it feels more heavy than the same weight metal bat.
Having the center of gravity makes it difficult to shake the metal bat. It is possible to hit the strong hit ball by catching the core by the practice of carrying out the practice with such a sharp bamboo bat.

Bamboo bat meat spot

Features of bamboo bats

  1. Even the same weight as the metal butt feels heavy because of the center of gravity.
  2. At the moment of impact, there is a sense of a ball on the bat. (to be able to put on)
  3. Since the head has a center of gravity, the head is difficult to shake if the ball is caught by the core of the bat.
  4. It is suitable for the practice of grasping consciousness to swing the head. You can practice using the weight of the head.
  5. Bat's meat point, but taste more than a metal bat.
  6. Even the batting batting can be seen whether the core is caught or removed.
  7. When a speed ball is struck, a strong vibration is transmitted to the hand when the core is removed.
  8. It is excellent in muffling and practice of day and night.
Boy's bamboo bat
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