Let's begin bamboo bat training! Introduction of the bamboo bat for ... training⑦

With the weight bamboo bat for training

Class がこの which is the heaviest in a bamboo bat for training that ball park dot-com sells"Weight bamboo bat for training"です. Weight is what more than 1 kg! What kind of effect will be provided when I use the so heavy bat?


Weight: 1,100 g of length: 84cm


Weight: 1,200 g of length: 85cm

It was said to putting up swing speed that I am connected, but it is really proved with the sports dynamics before that I use the heavy bat when there is an effect in letting I repeat the behavior with a light bat, and muscle learn speed. Then what training is the bat heavy in this way for?

Right out! I am used for a power-up of the whole body! If there are not physical strength and muscular strength, I cannot continue waving the bat more than 1 kg directly. The power is very important to hit the strong batted ball. Therefore the training of such a heavy bat is necessary.

I recommend a lower part of the body, the upper body, ramming down by the behavior, the tee batting batting practice for the purpose of the power-up of each part not to spoil right swing.

⇒The detailed information of the weight bamboo bat from this!

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