Shonen baseball, the road to improving batting-let's work without hesitation! Bamboo bat training ③

Things to do from the moment you get a bamboo bat

From the day you get a bamboo bat that suits your physique and skill, let's practice "waving the bat" together with the practice of hitting the bat on the ball. To swing powerfully, you also need to strengthen your lower body. Continuing the swing of the full swing and strengthening the lower half of the body will surely add strength and enable you to hit a strong ball. While continuing this basic practice, I would like to introduce the next point to be aware of. It's "three engines".

Three engines

The three engines move when you actually enter the batting operation"Waist" "shoulder" "arm"That.

・First engine: waist
・Second engine: Shoulder
・No.Engine 3: Arm


The batting operation is first"Waist moves",next"Shoulders move",Finally"The arm moves"about it.

★When the bat is in the top position, the body is parallel to the ball and the ground. 

From the top position, the "waist" starts to rotate, and the "shoulder" moves when the twist becomes maximum.

★And when the "shoulder" and the twist of the arm become maximum, the "arm" moves at the end.

By turning these three engines in order and maximally, [twisting] is created in the body and the bat swing accelerates!You can hit a strong ball!

Twisting your body is the basis of a bang!

Three engines "waist" "shoulder" "arm" Please remember!

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Next time, I will introduce "body axes" and "weight transfer"!

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