Training Bat - New Release Ultra-thick grip training bamboo bat(2)

To correct my batting practice

There is a habit of hitting the bat by kneading.
The head of the bat comes out extremely late
As a bat to correct the habit, such as, as soon as the start of sales, we have received a great response.
By preparing three sizes, it is now possible to use from elementary school students to adults.
The size introduced this time is recommended for use by junior high school students and above. So, let me introduce you immediately!

Ultra-thick grip bat: 77cm/900g

Material/ Maple
Color / Natural × Navy
Mark / Silver
Length/ 77cm
Weight/ 900g average
Grip shape / ultra-thick grip
※Soft and hard

Immediately after tee batting with ultra-thick grip bat, tee batting with real grip bat.
・Free batting with real grip bat after free batting with ultra-thick grip bat.

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