Bamboo bat sponsorship for "The 2nd Miyazaki Training League"

The "2nd Miyazaki Breeding League" sponsored by the schools participating in the Miyazaki Prefectural Middle School Softball Team has been held since July 14th. Continuing from the previous time, we sponsored JB Bamboo Bat as part of the “Boy Bat Promotion Project for Boys”.

<< Previous articleHereFrom >> Last time, it was limited to 3 innings,This time, all the full innings will be bamboo bats only.

JBBamboo bat is "real grip(Slender grip like a metal bat)It seems that the players are using it for the match without any discomfort.

Hit ball caught with the core and hit ball notThen, in the momentum of hitting ball compared to a metal batBig differenceComes out.

If you don't catch it with the core, the head of Uchino cannot move! It should be easy to judge whether or not you are catching with the core by hitting the ball.

・The students used in the actual battle are"The numbness of the hands caused by vibration when the core is removed is more easily transmitted than in the tea batting and toss batting during practice."It was an impression using a bamboo bat.

-The state of the swing transmitted from the experience.

Incorporating a bamboo bat is a shortcut for improving batting!


I would like to continue to work on the "Boy Bat Promotion Project for Boys" to help improve the batting skills of future baseball boys.

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