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I see professional baseball players often batting on the tee with one hand in regular practice, but what is the effect of one-handed batting?

By training with a one-handed bat, you can learn the skills while pondering the role sharing of the puller and the pusher, and how to use each shoulder, armpits, arms, elbows, wrists, and so on.

One-handed training is recommended for players with the following sense of purpose.

I want to wear an ideal swing

I want to correct the way of hitting that i hook

I want to wear an inside out swing

I want to acquire the correct bat control (trajectory)

I want to improve the door swing , I want to master the flow of the upper body, how to use

I want to learn the feeling of the pusher of pushing the ball.

I want to hit a strong ball in the opposite direction.

The effect on the left hand The >

One hand-held left hand

Improved bat control

Learn the role of the puller at the time of list turn

You can make a batting form that closes the side.

・ Knack to swing in conjunction with the lower body can be grasped

Improved door swing

Learn how to pay for follow-through

The effect on the right hand press The >

one-handed right hand

Establishment of meat points

Learn the role of pusher at the time of list turn

・ At the moment of impact, you can get a sense of how to use the pusher

・ Knack to swing in conjunction with the lower body can be grasped

Improved door swing

Learn how to use elbows

Learn the role of pusher follow-through

one-handed training bat at ball park dot com

Ball Park.com's one-handed training bat refers to something particularly short in a series of training bamboo bats. Because it is a bamboo bat of short that an adult can train for one-handed punching, there is a person who is purchased by the parent and child, too!

※From the left, 67cm, 450g, 70cm, 500g, 73cm, 550g
Five 76cm, 600g, 78cm, 650g can be used as a short bat.


If you don't practice in the right form, it may be counterproductive, so please be aware of the following precautions.

Check if the head of the bat is not down!

In the case of a right-handed hitter, check if the left shoulder is not open

Check if the body is too far in front!

In addition, if you hit a ball with momentum, you will strain your wrist or elbow and cause injury, so practice with toss and tee batting.

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