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Make a bat that matches your batting characteristics

Japanese young players, who have become accustomed to metal bats in junior high school and high school, tend to opt for "super hard bats" when they move from metal bats to wooden bats when they go to college and adult baseball.

Certainly, a hard bat is good at “playing” and has a “catching” feel, so I think that you can hit it with a feeling similar to metal. but please wait a moment! Is a "Super Hard Bat" Suitable for Your Batting?

In the previous web magazine, we introduced the features of first-class bat materials in detail, but each of them had its own features. It is important to know the characteristics and characteristics of the bat material and to find a wooden bat that suits the Japanese climate.

However,Even if you get a "first-class tool", you cannot make your own batting technique "first-class". Of course, the quality of bat material is a problem, but before that, the problem is whether or not you know your own batting.

Whether you're a big build, a small build, batting with power, batting with technology, hitting a home run, wanting to mass-produce hits, a long-distance hitter, or a short-distance hitter. .. ..

Even if you buy a trendy bat without knowing what your batter is and what you want to be, you will not be good at batting.

Hitting tightly. Hitting with a bat bend. Hitting with a bat. While learning the skills through practice, etc., find your own batting style and find a bat that suits it. This order should not be wrong.

1. Know your batting

2. Make goals (batting style)

3. Perform batting exercises that match your goals

4. Try various bats through practice

5. Find a bat that suits you

Furthermore, in the construction of batting style,Length, weight, grip shape, nigiri thickness, balance, head cutIt is also important to select the size of each part of the bat.

Go back to basics, practice to build your own batting style, experiment with bats, and finally get the best bat for you!

The order system for the "completely custom-made full order bat" introduced from the last time. This time, we'll start with the rest!

5. Select

*The same type of bat can be manufactured using the bat in use as a sample.

6. Select

First, decide whether to use one color or to change the colors of the grip and head. Then, decide the width of the color of the grip part to either 30 cm or 45 cm.

*There are detailed rules for coloring bats (black) for working people and college baseball. For details, please refer to the page of "Perfect bespoke full order bat" of Ballpark.com.

7. Select

* Both Mark 1 and Mark 2 are registered trademarks of Ballpark.com and are brands announced by the All Japan Bat Industry Association.

*The "BFJ" mark is required for use in the official game of college/working baseball.

8. Select

9. Decide

You can engrave the back of the grip.

The above is the outline of the order system. As a result of the practice, if you find a bat that suits you, please make an order bat!

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