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Great use of baseball souvenirs! Baseball memorabilia at the reception!

This time, we will introduce the baseball souvenirs that appeared at the wedding reception! The "5cm mini bat" was used. Although it is a key holder type mini bat that is only 5 cm, the bride and groom who used it as a "seat card" for invited guests came.

5cm mini bat on your seat! Customers are impressed by the seat cards with their name stamped! !

Here are the photos actually used!

Original seat tag

This little bat also carries a heartfelt message from the bride and groom. The seats will not be needed at the end of the reception, but you can take this mini bat with you as a commemorative takeaway and of course you can use it. This is the true value of a baseball souvenir! !

How is it? A baseball souvenir that can be used in this way. Please use it as a gift!

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