Training Bats | New to be released! Super Glip Training Boot-Bat (3)

use the return of the wrist to run the head and strike a strong ball!

If you use "Ultra-Glip Bat," you will find the "seasinness" of its use.You can increase your awareness of the return of your wrist and the head-and-you-like, depending on the "messy". In other words, it is possible to be able to be aware of the effects of a part of the body that was unconscionable until now, by controlling the touch of the hand at the time of the batting and the ability of the fingers to control it.

If your batting doesn't make you more progress than you think, try to train with this'hot' bat. Maybe you'll find the reason to prevent us from going up!

The Ultra-Ultra-Glip Bat is available in three sizes.
This is the size of the largest one.It's been made from high school students to society.

Ultra-pole-griped bats: 87cm/1000g

Color/Natural × White
/1000g Averages
Grip Geometry/Superpole Grip
*It is used as a soft and hard-style.

-How to practice your suusume
A teebatting in the ultra-polar grip bat is followed by a teebatting in a real gripswat.
After free-backing in the super-polar grip bats, free batting in the real gripper-bat.

See you from Cochira!
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