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Increase the amount of practice with wooden bats

Recently, an increasing number of directors have said that “bamboo bat training is important”.
As baseball becomes a world-wide sport and the number of international games increases, so do the opportunities for wooden bats to appear.

Even if you can mass-produce hits with metal bats, there are many Japanese players who can not hit at all as soon as they become wooden bats, and in fact, even players selected as U18's Japanese national team can not play an active part in international competitions. I will.
Personally, I think it is good for middle school students to use metal bats.

If you decide to use a wooden bat from high school baseball (hard type), I feel that there will be more young players who will play an active role in college baseball, adult baseball, and even professional baseball beyond that, but what do you guys think? Do you want?

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By the way, apart from my personal opinion, I have made several "forces" in this web magazine about the importance of continuing bamboo bat training from youth baseball, but from this time it is divided into several times. Introducing the characteristics of bamboo bats made by, with comments from former top professional baseball player Katsumi Hirosawa. Please also see the product lineup.

Training bamboo bat

Three features of bamboo bat training

First of all, I would like to introduce you to the characteristics of bamboo bat training.
Batting technology grows
You can expect various effects, such as learning the technique of catching the ball with the core, making use of the characteristics of the bamboo bat.

Excellent durability and economical
It won't break even if you use it for a year! And a surprisingly strong bamboo bat. You can shake without worrying about consumption.

High sound deadening and can be used at night
Even those who are not good at hitting sound peculiar to metal bats are okay! Bamboo bat with excellent sound deadening is also ideal for night practice.

From here, we will introduce each of the three points in detail.

Batting technology grows

・Also used by famous professional baseball players
Former professional baseball players Shigeo Nagashima and Kazuhiro Kiyohara have also been training with bamboo bats since childhood.
If you aim to become a professional baseball player in the future, it is recommended to train with a bamboo bat from the age of youth baseball and acquire skills that are one step ahead of other players early.

・You can use a bat that suits your physique's bamboo bats are available in 12 different sizes, so you can choose a bamboo bat that suits children who have given up with other manufacturers.
By using a bamboo bat that suits your body, you can control the bat exactly as you want, making baseball more enjoyable and training more effective.

・The ball can be caught by the bat core
You can learn the feeling of hitting with the core of the bat and the batting technique that is conscious of the core of the bat, due to the characteristic of the bamboo bat that "stretches when the core is removed".
You can also expect to improve bat control by using a bat that matches your body size.

・Learn the correct form
The weight of the head is another characteristic of the bamboo bat. By repeating the swing using the weight of the head in daily practice, you can naturally acquire the correct form of the bat swing.
In addition, the Bamboo Bat of uses a real grip that realistically reproduces the grip of a metal bat, so you can use it without feeling discomfort even in production.

・Swing speed increases
You can expect an improvement in swing speed by repeating practice with a bamboo bat whose head is heavier than a metal bat. In addition, the faster swing speed allows you to hit a stronger ball.

How is it? Do you see the reason why batting technology improves?

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