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a characteristic of a wooden bat

It's not that any kind of wood can be bats. This is the most important condition for becoming a batting material. It is the hardness of the tree. It is a hard time to return more than 140k rigid bulbs, so it is not possible to turn the wood into a bat right now or curved. Therefore, the wood that can be used for the bat is naturally limited. In that era, the Bat wood epidemic has changed, but the following four types of wood are now the current mainline of the bat.

○ Aodamo
White Ash
Maple -
characteristic of a wooden bat

It's as good as a king of butts.There are no such things as 'hardness', 'become', 'harness' or 'strong', and so on. However, it is said that the production of Aodamo is difficult now, as the production area of Aodamo in Japan has been drastically reduced due to the unplanned logging of the post-war period, and the production of Aodamo is drastically reduced. "Aodamo," which is a very good bat material, is a batting material used by a top professional baseball player because it is expensive because it is a few batting materials. * Aodamo is another name.Domestic production of tonelico is different in strength and viscosity in the production area.The highest grade tonerico (production area: near the eastern coast of Hokkaido) was used as an alodambat from the past.The evaluation of the firmness and the harness is divided by the production area of Tonerico, which is distributed in the area.

White Ash.

This is also a kind of tonnerico.native to North America, with its climate and the environment, very hard and very dry wood It's very dry, so it's said to be easy to break.Since there is not much 'to be', it is said to have some properties that are not suitable in Japan where moist and moist. However, for the players who have become accusting to the kin-butt as well as high school, there are a lot of players who use white asches on behalf of a metal bat when they continue to play baseball in college and in society.


The famous one is from Canada.Russia also has good quality maple imibles in some areas. Maple is a piece of wood just between "Tonelico" and "White Ash". Katahari ',' shi 'and' chiri-zushi ' are well-sufficient.Overall, it's the best butts to be done! In the U.S. Major League, it is said that the value of the Maple Bat increased rapidly as the Balibons used Maple Bats a few years ago to mass-produce hits and homeruns. In Japan, many professional baseball players are using the Maple Bat, which is widely used in the university baseball and in the social baseball league. At the Ball Park Dot Com, we have been selling the Maple Butt since the beginning of the company's founding. There are many teams and players in Japan that use our Maple Butts, and we are encouraged to make better butt manufacturing while taking a great deal of their opinions!


Bamboo trees are not used as a bat.The thinly cut bamboo board is put together until it becomes a coronal column, and when it is put under pressure, it becomes a 'batting material', and it is cut into a bat by cutting it. Therefore,Take the bamboo-bat, to be precise, to ' Gobatake Bat 'for the The most characteristic feature of bamboos"It's going to be strong," and "hardy."for the If you remove the core of the bat and put it on the ball, it will be handed down to the hand, and the stronger paralysis of the strong paralysis is conveyed to the hand. It is said that this hurting paralysis is best used to practice batting that is applied to the batting core.(If you hit the wick, the bat is not numb.) It is a bat that can be used without any pain in a baseball game, but the use of the "bat material to the board" is prohibited in universities and professionals, and it can be said to be a very good wooden bat for practice. This time, I introduced the characteristics of the mainstream wood bat. If you can see a detailed column about wooden bat, I think you'll be able to get a better idea of the wooden bat!

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