Let's start bamboo bat training! -Introduction of bamboo bats for training ③

Training with a thick grip bamboo bat

This time, I would like to introduce a training bamboo bat with a "thick grip". As its name suggests, this "thick grip bamboo bat" is manufactured with a thicker grip compared to a normal bamboo bat (our standard).

Normal bamboo bat (real grip): 24mm grip Extra-thick grip bamboo bat: 28mm grip

As you can see in the picture above, the grip is designed to be thicker than the real grip, which is the same as a normal metal bat.

★Bat control

This thick grip allows the bat to be firmly held by the palm and fingertips, which is effective for correcting the form of players who have difficulty controlling the bat or who have broken their form.

★Develop the sense of pusher at impact

At the moment of impact, the area of ​​the bat and grip increases, so you can grasp the recoil transmitted to the pusher with the entire palm.

★Wrist turn

The thicker grip restricts wrist movements, making it difficult to return the bat with only your small hands. Therefore, it is effective for correcting athletes who have a habit of kneading their wrists and athletes who have a delayed head. Useful for learning wrist turns. If these apply to your batting form, try training with a very thick grip bat. It will take effect in a few months.

⇒ Click here for details on the extra-grip grip bat!

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