Let's begin bamboo bat training! Introduction of the bamboo bat for ... training②

With the real grip bamboo bat

Introducing me this time"Real grip bamboo bat"です. The real grip is a grip of the on the small side such as the metal bat. Because a shape looks just like the grip of the metal bat, it is made not to feel sense of incongruity even if I shift it.

There was 12 size in total and introduced the real grip bamboo bat last time"Long strip of paper bamboo bat"It is included in は, the lineup of the real grip bamboo bat.

Training bamboo bat

※Five of them are used as a long strip of paper bamboo bat from the top.

The real grip bamboo bat is the 合竹 bat which I made in combination a bamboo board of the bamboo commuter pass size for. It is most suitable for an exercise to arrest a ball in a core that a high school student and a university student, a player of the amateur baseball use the bamboo bat habitually for exercise use widely mainly and that the durability is high and sounds through the hand because they are obstinate and are hard to compromise when I take off a core at the time of a blow again. I set it to the size that it is easy to give up for boy use including length, weight, the grip. Because I prepare for 12 size, I can have you choose the bat of the size in accord with a build and the technique of the player.

An excellent

The one which is popular in the case of the real grip bamboo bat and purchase"Excellent case carved seal"です. There are unexpectedly many players to want to carve a seal by one's name or favorite words!

The consciousness called "one's bat" increases when I perform an excellent case carved seal, and handling of the bat becomes careful naturally! Because the life of the bat gets longer by treating it carefully, the excellent case carved seal is recommended!

⇒The detailed information of the training bamboo bat from this!

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