Batting Progress - Let's Use A Boy's Bamboo Bat

Today, I would like to tell you about the special training of my parents and children at W-kun, a junior in my college days. Junior W- has been continuously purchasing bamboo bats for boys for son for many years since the opening of ball

He is a hot man who loves baseball with his son. I know it's impossible this time, and i asked you to send me a picture of the practice scene with my son, ok, i sent it to you immediately, so I'll show you.

It is a description of the photograph! It is a confirmation of the angle and the position of the head that the ball looks good when swinging.

Do not open the body!

Bamboo Butt Training Ball

※ Even when the starting point, rotate on the axis without emptying the right side (Second son)

Bamboo Butt Training Ball

Big brother, the range of motion of the hip joint is wide!!

Bamboo Butt Training Ball

※It is indeed! I'm shaking it off nicely! The body = joint is soft! !

Bamboo Butt Training Ball

※ the mark of the previous classic and the recent JB mark bat! From now on, please do your best for baseball to study!!


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