Bat for improving baseball | Extra-thick grip bat-Development concept-

① Bat control

It is designed for easy bat control because it is firmly held by the palm and fingertips. It is suitable for batters who have weak points in bat control and batters who start training by returning to the basics by breaking the form.

② Sensation of pusher at impact

At the moment of impact, the area of ​​contact between the bat and the grip increases. In particular, the recoil transmitted to the pusher can be felt in the entire palm, making it suitable for training where you can grasp the feel of the pusher.

③ Wrist turn

Because the grip is thick, the movement of the wrist is suppressed, so it is not possible to easily turn the wrist back with just the small hands of the wrist or fingers. Therefore, batters who have a tendency to knead and hit, or batters whose head comes out with an extremely delayed time, are effective for so-called wrist turn training, which measures the timing of wrist return by repeatedly performing batting training with a very thick bat. It works. Grip size Click here for extra thick product page
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