To improve your batting skills! "Focus Zone Strike Theory" DVD Digest Video by Katsumi Hirosawa

The basics of batting are the same for elementary school students and professionals.

The last time I told you, katsumi Hirozawa's batting theory is the culmination of the DVD release of "Focus Zone Hitting Theory", but in response to the voice that it is difficult to understand only by the character side, we will publish the digest version on youtube. Hirosawa says the most in this DVD is that whether you're an elementary school student or a professional baseball player, the basics of batting are the same. That is. You can't talk about batting without the basics of batting. The origin of this batting might be forgotten while continuing baseball for a long time. Mr. Hirosawa explains the most important part of this in a dvd that is easy to understand and carefully explains. Once you've seen it, you'll surely want to burn it in your heart and train with a bat in your hand right away! I want you to refer by all means to people who are coaching not only baseball boys but also baseball. It is such a wonderful content! If you can see this digest version, you will want a DVD!? Anyway, please see it once!

●Focus Zone Blow Theory - Digest Video

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