Batting technology to improve!~ 広澤克実 Mr. can"focus zone Blow Theory"DVD launch!

about the publication! The ultimate blow to the theory on DVD!

Ball Park dot com as an Advisor after many times, it appear, was a former professional baseball player 広澤克実 said.

広澤 I recommended boyhood to bamboo bat training and to promote a ball Park time,"the boy 用竹 bat promotion project"to continue to promote and more.

It's not the promotion of the project the fifth and, finally 広澤't help that the DVD has been launched!

The "focus zone Blow Theory"

Focus Zone the stroke theory ①

広澤 of blows the theory of the culmination and the ultimate DVD on. Bamboo bat using training methods, and batting theory is lavishly recorded,baseball boy is a must-have DVD!

Focus Zone Shots theory ③

Batting worries about whenever you want to see that DVD! Details are in the ball Park dot com website, please!

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