Training bat butt!

A thick grip!

It is the "polar grip bat" of the ball park dot com training bamboo bat, but the new article released on the 16th of this month made the grip of the pole even thickerExtreme training training batWhat!

Compare the grip size with other training bats!



Concept of development

Feeding a bat control

It is designed to be able to grip firmly with the palm and fingertips firmly to control the butt. Bat control batter with week pointOrCollapse the form Back to basics and start training.

Measuring the sense of push in impact

At the moment of impact, the area of contact between the bat and the grip hands becomes wider. In particular, you can feel the reaction in the palm of the hand A physique that holds the feel of a pusher.

Get a list turn

Because the grip is thick, the movement of the wrist is restrained, so it is not easy to return the wrist only by the palm of your wrist or fingertip. ThereforeA grasping batterOrA batter whose head comes out very lateIt is called the timing of the return of the wrist by repeated batting training with the pole batList turn training effect.

It has become possible to deepen the conventional training by making the grip more thick than the pole grip bat! Weight and length provide 3 types.

67 cm / 800 g

77 cm / 900 G

87 cm / 1000 g

I will introduce this three types one by one from next time.

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