Baseball supplies, exchange the measurements to take for the team gift try to prepare!

everyone in the team to gift!

The new year ushered in as soon as the spring is approaching. Graduation season is no time to visit it. Helped Team to graduation, a member a gift or not?

The ball Park the team to exchange a variety of drinks. Graduation before,from now on let's get ready.


Ball Park of the suggested items to the line up!

1. First, most of the consumables. The ball is from?

< JB ball the various>


2. Ground maintenance required for black soil and makeup sat the most popular products.

< Black soil>

<makeup dirt>


3. Popular"nail rake with dragonflies", not that it matters.

< Nails rake with Dragonfly>


4. Batting practice is indispensable to the net in the near future!!

< Tee batting nets>


5. Pitching machines in the distinctive gem!

< Box machine>

to the other, I this will go Please refer!

⇒ Baseball memorabilia from!

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