Golden combination of pitching machine and bamboo bat training

Bamboo bat training that goes well with pitching machines

Bamboo bat training recommended by The training effect of bamboo bats tailored to the application will definitely appear.
The pitching machine is effective for making the training more efficient by making the training more efficient.
In fact, many teams buy "Pitching Machine" and "Boy's Bamboo Bat" sold by Ballpark at the same time, and their reputation is good.
The other day, Mr. Hiroshige Kuroki, a high school OB and professional baseball player of the Ocean Whales (now Yokohama DeNA), donated a pitching machine and a set of training bamboo bats to Takanabe High School, an old baseball player in Miyazaki. It was

“I want you to improve your baseball equipment and use it for practice.” Mr. Kuroki's enthusiasm must have reached Takanabe High School baseball players!

Please bring this golden combination of "Pitching Machine & Bamboo Bat Training" to your team.

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